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Surface Treatment

Concrete surface treatment using an ultra-high pressure water jet is an essential method for seismic strengthening of concrete structures. The surface is roughened uniformly which dramatically increases the surface bonding strength.

As an alternative to shot blasting, the water jet method is kind to the environment.

Surface treatment to thicken concrete (pier seismic strengthening)

Surface treatment work aimed at integrating old and new concrete during reinforced concrete (RC) jacketing construction.

Blast cleaning to a depth of 1 to 2 mm achieves a bond strength of 1 N/mm2 or more.

Thickening highway slabs

Slab blast cleaning work using the water jet method to maintain adhesion for thickened concrete after overlaying.

Exfoliation prevention construction work

Used in surface treatment work for exfoliation prevention construction on such as highways and railroad bridges. Construction is performed without leaking water by suction repairing the jet water using a nozzle device.