Water Jet

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Demand is increasing for paint stripping in all industries.

Ultra-high pressure water jets strip paint evenly without harming the base material.

Times have moved on to stripping paint using water because existing methods of chemical strippers and sanding lead to environmental pollution.

Stripping paint from railroad vehicles

Very little dust is produced in comparison to when sanding is used because the stripped paint coating film is covered in water.

Moving platform type paint stripping robot for vehicle coating

To enable continuous work for processing that has a heavy work burden (counterforce of approximately 20 kgf/cm2) when done manually and perform the process in a limited installation space inside a factory, booth settings are used which improve the processing efficiency by means of face to face work using 2 units.

Stripping the lining from the bottom of tanks


Stripping the lining from walls inside tanks

It was once a struggle to maintain a single day’s throughput because of the limitation placed on manual nozzle operators. However, we have improved the stripping capability through instrumentation and contributed to improvements in the work environment and better safety.