New products information

  • Ecomaster compact

          The high performance plunger pump unit has discharge power of 245MPa(2500kgf/cm2).
 It becomes more compact and is driven by electric motor.

Ecomaster compact catalog


  •   Ecotop Gun

The Ecotop gun is for stripping and chipping intensively to target using high pressure water.
Working property is excellent because of lightweight and compact design.

Ecotop gun catalog


  • Ecotop spin

Improve washing solution by rotating of tip of nozzle. It is possible to wash without unevenness.
it is lighter than existing product therefore, an operator become reduce the working burden.

Ecotop Spin catalog


  • ET Surface (Flat type/ Corner type)

The ET surface can clean evenly at surface by rotating the point of nozzle bar using air motor.
It can demonstrate its power at surface and corner of wall.
It save weight compared of conventional product, so the work load lighten for a worker.
It is possible to collect treated sewage and removal substance to connect a suction apparatus with cleaning.

ET Surface (Flat type) catalog

ET Surface(Corner type) catalog


  • Lizard mini

Lizard mini is the state pf the art ultra-high pressure attachment which designed to be able to surface processing and paint stripping
by sticking vertically and semiautomatic ultra high pressure water.
It exerts great power for paint stripping inside and outside crude oil tank, exterior paint stripping of large ship or improvement for plant floor.(method: magnetic)

Lizard mini catalog

  • Eco-Jet Drill Short

Eco-Jet Drill Short is a drilling tool using water jet. It is possible to choose the size, and operate from φ40 mm 
to φ250 mm of drilling hole. A splash prevention cover which can be simultaneous suction is introduced therefore
prevent scattering surroundings to a minimum.

Eco-Jet Drill Short catalog

  • Water Jet Cutting Tool (Chain Type)

It is possible to use plumbing  of various diameter size and easy to setting by selecting the chain type traverse rails.
Also, we improve traveling part became compact, so it is possible to use at narrow area.

Water Jet Cutting tool (Chain type) catalog