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Maintenance Enterprise

Construction Industry Maintenance

Nissin Kiko’s diverse infrastructure maintenance improves the reliability of structures. We provide high value maintenance that supports maintenance for infrastructure, which is the foundation of social capital in the construction industry as well.

Survey and diagnosis

  • Visual surveys

  • Various concrete surveys and diagnosis

Repairing and strengthening concrete structures


  • Various exfoliation prevention methods

  • Continuous fiber sheet bonding method

  • Surface coating method

  • Impregnation material application method

  • Steel sheet bonding method

  • Concrete jacketing method

  • Steel sheet jacketing method

  • Cross section repair method (spraying, plastering, injection, filling)

  • Crack repair method

  • Various surface treatment methods (water jet, vacuum blast, dry ice)

  • Post construction anchor work

  • Various cutting and drilling methods

  • Suwaeru polyurethane coating method

  • Wall protection method

Building seismic retrofit

  • PITA column method

  • Wood PITA method

  • CESRet method

  • Various conventional methods

Water jet work

  • Surface treatment method (NETIS (CB-100021-V) other)

  • Paint stripping method (NETIS (KK-120001-A) other)

  • Chipping method (chipping treatment performance test area I)

  • Drilling method

  • Cutting method

  • Cleaning method

  • Water and sewer/irrigation channel surface treatment method

  • Asbestos removal work

Civil engineering related method

  • PAN WALL method

  • Achilles Tn-p method

  • NE seal sales

Participating affiliated organizations

Japan Society of Civil Engineers

Japan Concrete Institute

JAPAN WASH INC. Association

The Water Jet Technology Society of Japan

The Japan Association for Construction Industry Water Jet Technology

Water Jet Drilling Method Association

Japan Construction Anchor Association

Mie Aichi Gifu Concrete Diagnosis

PITA Column Construction Method Association

Wood PITA Construction Method Association

Wall Protect Construction Method Association

Panel and Nail Wall Construction Method Association

SR Construction Method Research Society

Repair One-Stop System

Suwaeru Association

A B Epomer Construction Method Association

Foam Urethane Cavity Injection Association