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Chemical Industry Maintenance

Nissin Kiko’s diverse equipment maintenance improves productivity and quality. We provide high value maintenance cultivated from many years of experience.

Chemical industry maintenance

  • Various heat exchangers and coolers

  • Petroleum refining furnaces

  • Polymer transport pipes

    High and low pressure feed water heaters

  • Flue and electrostatic precipitators

    Flue gas desulfurization equipment

  • Petroleum refining distillation column and rectifying column

  • High polymer plant polymerization tubes

  • Crude oil tanks and pipes

  • Seawater inlet pipes and condensers

  • Ljungstrom air preheater

  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG), naptha and heavy oil tank


Automatic tank cleaning

Automatic cleaning is also possible for various types of tanks such as polymer vessels and spray dryers. Every part inside the tank is cleaned using a 3D nozzle that rotates due to the counterforce created by high pressure water.