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Maintenance Enterprise

Vehicle Industry Maintenance

Nissin Kiko’s diverse equipment maintenance improves productivity and quality. In the vehicle industry, we provide high value maintenance that supports environmental conservation, resource saving and energy saving while also ensuring the operation of large-scale production equipment at all times and demonstrating such ability to the fullest.

Paint coating plant

  • Paint pre-treatment riser pipes
  • Paint booth air-conditioning equipment
  • Paint booth circulation water pipes
  • Paint booth spray paint pipes
  • Electrodeposition paint line circulation pipes
  • Paint truck paint dreg removal wash

Machinery plant

  • Centralized coolant circulation pipes

  • Spot welding machine coolant pipes

  • Quenching liquid coolant pipes

  • Intake and ventilation ducts

  • Dust collectors and dust ducts

Casting plant

  • Casting die-cast coolant pipes

  • Casting shell machine coolant pipes

  • Quenching furnace coolant pipes

  • Air-conditioning equipment intake and ventilation ducts

  • Casting sand recovery


  • Dryice method

  • Compressors and air pipes

  • After intercoolers

  • Oil coolers

  • Air dryers

  • Refrigerators

  • Cooling towers

  • Various jig tool manufacturing