Eequipment Sale

Equipment Sale

Air blast equipment

【Equipment proposals that meet the needs of the customer】
  • Surface preparation work
  • Burr removal
  • Shot cleaning
  • Cleaning
  • Mold related
  • Sirius processing (dry polishing)
  • Ultra-precision machining
  • WPC (Wide Peening Cleaning) processing
  • Satin processing
  • Vacuum deposition related processing

From corrective maintenance to preventive maintenance!

  • Maintaining abrasive circulation route
  • Renewing consumable parts
  • Local ventilation equipment (dust collector) periodic independent inspection
  • Repair of friction and perforated areas
  • Abrasive leakage prevention

People jokingly say that blast equipment are “masochistic machines” that inflict damage on themselves. We perform complete preventive maintenance to suppress wasteful use of abrasives and air consumption as well as reduce the processing time!

Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultra Sentaro II NKS-600 II



  • Easily removes stubborn dirt using a superior cleaning power of 28 kHz ultrasound

  • Equipped with an alarm stop function (error detection)

  • Can support a wide range of items that require cleaning using a variable ultrasonic output

  • Button layout with excellent visibility and operability

  • Long range timer setting

  • Low price achieved from its many years of performance results

【Product specifications】 

External dimensions (W x D x Hmm) 680×400×747
Tank dimensions (W x D x Hmm) 576×296×260
Tank capacity (liters) 34
Weight (kg) 50 (does not include cleaning solution)
Material Main body (SUS430) Cleaning tank (SUS304)
Oscillation method Bolted Langevin type transducer
High frequency output (W) 600
Timer setting range 4-digit display (can set hours, minutes and seconds)
Output switching Can change 0 to 100% (0W to 600 W)
Power source AC200V (50/60Hz)
Accessories Cleaning basket, drainage hose 1.0 m

Medium-size series

  • Equipment with heater as standard demonstrates outstanding cleaning power
  • Lightweight and very easy to carry
  • Achieves size reduction using PZT transducer
  • With overcurrent retention and overheat protection device
  • Maximum of 60 minutes timer setting

【Product specifications】

Model NKS-240MH NKS-480MH NKS-360MH
External dimensions (W x D x Hmm) 364×303×290 567×364×290 387×361×352
Tank dimensions (W x D x Hmm) 299×236×150 502×299×150 325×299×200
Tank capacity (liters) 9.2 20.4 18.0
Weight (kg) 8.9 14.8 11.5
Material Main body and cleaning tank SUS304
Oscillation method BLT Self-excited oscillating method 38 kHz
High frequency output (W) [heater capacity] 240
Timer setting range Maximum 60 minutes (can be set in 1 min increments)
Output switching Not applicable
Power source AC100V (50/60Hz)
Accessories Heater, stainless steel draining board and lid

Large-size series


  • Ultrasound oscillation using multi-position oscillation method (oscillation method from base and sides of cleaning tank) to prevent uneven cleaning and improve efficiency

  • Casters attached to unit (can select fixed legs in above photo)

  • Achieves powerful cleaning using small current due to very efficient oscillation circuit

  • With overcurrent retention and overheat protection device

  • Maximum of 99 minutes timer setting

  • Cleaning basket

【Product specifications】

Model NKS-480L NKS-960L NKS-1440L
External dimensions (W x D x Hmm) 450×560×811 900×560×811 1150×560×819
Tank dimensions (W x D x Hmm) 350×400×300 750×400×300 1000×400×300
Tank capacity (liters) 35 75 100
Weight (kg) 43 68 103
Material Main body (SUS430)
Cleaning tank (SUS304)
Oscillation method BLT Self-excited oscillating method 38 kHz
High frequency output (W) (High)480
Timer setting range Maximum 99 minutes (can be set in 1 min increments)
Output switching High/Low, switch between 2 levels

High: Multi-position oscillation method (base and sides)
Low: Base oscillation method

Power source AC 200V (single phase) AC200V(単相)
Accessories Cleaning basket, stainless steel draining board, drainage hose 1.5 m

Custom-built machines

We design and manufacture ultrasonic cleaning machines to suit the items to be cleaned. We will respond to your wishes such as tank dimensions and the addition of heater functionality.

Oil water separator

Oil water separator



VSG1000, a standard type with excellent balance in processing ability and space

VSG3000, can process large volumes since it has a large capacity tank but does not require a large space




Pump used CP-11 CP-11/CP-25
Processing ability 660L/h 1500L/h
Dimensions (main body only) φ480×1460 φ480×2215

Mono pump



  • Easy installation
    High efficiency and space saving, measures for oil and water separation at the equipment during operation are:

  • Powerful separation strength
    Can collect oil with 95% or more oil content from raw water with an oil content rate of 2% or less

  • Simple operation
    Simply by supplying raw water to VGS, separated water and oil is continuously extracted

  • The pump can be installed at any location because it has a compact body.
  • Its application can also be increased by exchanging internal parts so that it can be used also for oil, weak acids, weak alkaline, seawater and sewage.

*A pump only bare shaft type is also available.

【Product specifications】

Maximum discharged water volume 12L/min
Maximum lifting height 6m
Motor 200V 0.2kw
Pump speed 1,430 cycles
Connection port diameter 1 inch

Oil water collected inside the treatment tank is pumped using a dedicated pump and fed to the VGS main body. The oil water fed to the inside of the VGS main body is separated into floated oil/floated scum, clean water and sediment sludge and then extracted to the outside of the main body. (See drawing below)

Charge neutralizing devices

Charge neutralizing gun (air type)

Designed to be easily held and used to prevent fatigue.

An air gun type model that has a high performance in eliminating charge and dust and is highly reliable.

【Product specifications】

Model TAS-21GC TAS-21GC-FN
(Flat nozzle)
(Flat nozzle)
Model name Gun TRINC (DC model) Gun TRINC (DC/battery model)
Charge neutralizing effective range Charge neutralizing range: 50 to 5000 mm/charge neutralizing area: 400 x 400 mm
Power source Dedicated AC adapter Chargeable batteries
External dimensions 54W x 205H x 169D (mm)
Weight 360g 420 g (includes batteries)

Bar charge eliminator

A powerful bar TRINC that eliminates charge instantaneously.

Resolve static electricity and foreign item defect problems in a single action using No-wind TRINC.


TAS-311 BAM-XXXX / BAA-XXXX (powerful type)

【Product specifications】

Model 155 250 390 530 950 1510 1930
Charge neutralizing performance lifespan Approximately 50,000 hours (7 years)
Power source Dedicated AC adapter (input: AC 100 to 240 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz Output: DC 24 V)

Room charge eliminator

Powerful neutralization of static electricity in the entire room.

For preventing static electricity and foreign items in every field of the vehicle industry, plastics and glass…!

【Product specifications】

Model 155 250 390 530 950 1510 1930
Charge neutralizing performance lifespan 24,000 hours
Power source Dedicated AC adapter (input: AC 100 to 240 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz Output: DC 24 V)

We also have a lineup of various static eliminators such as explosion proof static eliminators. Please feel free to contact us.


Nissin Kiko is an agent for Karcher’s business products.

High pressure cleaning machines

We are active in clean-up in the form of removing and washing away dirt in a wide range of industries such as agriculture, fishing, civil engineering and construction, building maintenance and various factory plants.

Floor cleaning machines

Floor cleaning machines with excellent operability to always keep floors clean.

Kercher floor cleaning machines are easy to use and require no special training.

Furthermore, we can meet any requirements with our abundant lineup from easy small class to riding type large class machines.

Various cleaners

High efficiency filters catch fine dust and waste without allowing it to escape.

A wealth of cleaner types are available for any application such as dry cleaners, dual wet and dry vacuum cleaners and vertical type upright cleaners.

Cleaning products and detergents

CB#5 Water-soluble alkaline detergent

Bio-cleaning is made from natural ingredients. Therefore, it has superior permeability, decomposition, wettability and absorbency in comparison with conventional synthetic detergents and decomposes and separates dirt that was previously difficult to remove.

【Product specifications】 

External appearance Reddish clear liquid
pH 10.5(20℃)
Inflammability Not applicable
Volatility Not applicable
Boiling point range 98℃
  • Highly degradable into oil and carbon

  • Can be used in water purification tank processing for diluting drainage because it is highly biodegradable

  • High permeability means it is suitable for use with ultrasonic cleaning machines

  • Also effective as a replacement detergent for trichloroethylene or similar

Ion power clean – Alkaline electrolytic strong detergent

Achieves a high alkaline value of pH 12.3 to 12.5 with electrolysis. A safe detergent that will not dry out your hands.

A 21st century water-based cleaning method that considers reduction of the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) in waste water treatment.

Reduces chemical substances brought into the workplace “the final form for environmental detergents”

【Product specifications】 

pH 12.3 or more (12.5 when purified)
Reduction potential -900 mV or more
Dissolved components Potassium carbonate under 1 g per liter
Properties Similar to under 0.1% of diluted potassium hydroxide (KOH) solution
Specific gravity 1.0