Plant maintenance medical specialists

We are a company that employ production plant doctors. Modern large-scale production equipment is delicate, just the same as the human body. High level operations are necessary to ensure the equipment does not fall out of condition and to manage a healthy state every day. These specialists diagnose complex production equipment, their motive devices, tanks and pipes, which can be thought of as being the heart and veins of such equipment, so that production efficiency is restored and the plant function is maintained by removing the various “cholesterol” with ultra-high pressure water.
We have formed the “JAPAN WASH INC. Association” (350 member companies) which gathers together these medical specialists. Nissin Kiko is an industry leading company that serves as the director of this association.
We also perform work on equipment renewal in addition to making full use of our special technology with ultra-high pressure water and various construction methods. We are active as medical specialists for plant maintenance to be able to respond to all types of symptoms.

Developing methods to meet current needs

Nowadays, the world shares the theme of “protecting the global environment” and industrial companies are no longer able to avoid the issue of “low energy and environmental improvement”. Nissin Kiko is a company that stands alongside its customers and tackles this theme from the front rank. We are ahead of the industry and have developed a variety of methods and equipment that use environmentally friendly water.
We support diverse applications such as “cutting, scraping and smashing” using the power of water at an ultra-high pressure of 245 MPa and have accumulated experience in various fields with other unique methods of unseen examples such as stripping paint from bullet trains, improvement work on highways and cutting petroleum tanks and pipes.
We are still actively working to develop new markets.

Maintenance department

Work details

Vehicle industry: Paint line pipe cleaning
Steel industry: Cleaning coolant pipes for blast furnace and heating furnace
Electric power industry: Fuel tank and feed water heater pipe cleaning
Petrochemical industry: Heat exchange tube and crude oil pipe cleaning
Highways: Slab and pier surface treatment and chipping
Reinforced concrete structures: Stripping and chipping old concrete

Handling method

Ultra-high pressure water jet method
Pig method, mechanical method
Chemical method (circulation cleaning, oil flushing, etc.)
Pipe lining method, others

Equipment work department

Pipes, can vessel manufacture, machine installation work
Valve, pump and blower repair
Forging machine, press machine, ceiling crane inspection and maintenance
Civil engineering, construction, thermal insulation and paint work

Machine manufacturing department

Ultra-high pressure water generation equipment: Eco Master 2000 & 2500
Multistory parking facility
Vehicle display equipment: AUTOMOBIL TOWER DISPLAY
Ultrasonic cleaning machine: Ultra Sentaro
Various nozzles and attachments for water jets

Sales department

Various machines mentioned above manufactured by us
WPC processing machine: Metal surface modifying treatment equipment
Ultrasonic cleaning equipment
Oil water separation equipment: VGS
Machine for cleaning inner surface of pipes: CE system
Fully automatic self-cleaning water treatment filter: Filtomat
Water treatment equipment and chemicals
Additives for hydraulic oil and lubricating oil
Dry ice machine and dry ice pellet manufacturing equipment: TRIBLST
Charge elimination equipment: TRINC
Industrial high-pressure cleaning equipment: Kercher
Other related apparatus and materials

Water jet department

High pressure water generators manufactured by WOMA of Germany
Various water jet equipment (paint stripping equipment, etc.)
Drained waste liquid suction vehicles and suction equipment
Complete coverage including assembly, sales, installation, inspection and maintenance of the above equipment